Monday, March 1, 2010

Tell Us Something About Bicyclists and Peds In Florida We Don't Know, USA Today

Last year, SWFBUD crunched the numbers to show Florida was the deadliest state in the country for bicyclists and we prompted Bicycling Magazine and the Tampa Tribune to write stories about this problem.

A year later, USA Today did a story about this today.

We already know, USA Today. Your story follows several other media reports in Time magazine and the St. Pete Times this past year about Florida and Tampa being the deadliest places for peds and bicyclists.

We need an unprecedented campaign to be launched by the DOT and police agencies to make back the streets safer for bicyclists and peds.

Please DOT, you have the resources to launch a statewide EDUCATION and billboard campaign to advise motorists that they Do NOT own the roads; that they need to share the roads safely with peds and bicyclists.

Please police, crack down on aggressive drivers and ENFORCE laws to PROTECT bicyclists and peds.

Bicycle Retailer magazine, which covers the bicycle industry in the country, also ran something.

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