Friday, July 29, 2011

Sharrows Arrive On North Blvd. In Tampa

SWFBUD has been asking the city of Tampa for more sharrows in the city - and today I noticed new sharrows on North Blvd. north of Columbus Avenue. Great to see them. Thank you city of Tampa -- Jean Dorzbeck, city transportation director and John Marsh, the city staffer who attends lots of meetings where bicycle-ped issues are discussed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SWFBUD Stores Always Doing Good Bicycle Acts

It's an honor to represent 11 amazing bicycle stores in the Tampa Bay area and each one supports bicycle advocacy to increase the profile of cycling in our area and make this community a friendlier and safer place to ride a bicycle.

The bike shop owners are a group of amazing and diverse folks and I enjoy representing their oollective voice to improve bicycling in the Tampa Bay area.

Each store also puts on cool events and activities, such as the Tour de CBE Ride this morning by the Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium, which drew some 80 bicyclists were split into four groupsof 20 for the 42-mile ride to Safety Harbor and back.

A nice job by CBE owner Brian Eckman and also thank you to chef Peter at the Roasted Pheasant bistro for the free snacks and mimosas after the ride.

Thanks chef Peter for the post-ride snacks and drinks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boston Bill Sunglasses Registers For The 2011 Bicycle Bash

SWFBUD is happy to report that we have our furst two vendors for the 2011 Bicycle Bash festival at Flatwoods on NOV 6: Boston Bill Sunglasses and Boomer's Bents and Bikes.

Visit a SWFBUD bicycle store in Tampa Bay and thank them for supporting bicycle advocacy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

SWFBUD Wants A Paved Trail Along The Bypass Canal

You just witnessed one of the few paved sections along the Bypass Canal.

SWFBUD wants the entire 14-mile public right-of-way stretch along the Bypass Canal -- which is operated by Southwest Florida Water Management District -- to have a paved trail just like the one you just saw.

The Bypass Canal Trail is just ONE segment of a multi-trail unified network of paved trails that SWFBUD is proposing for Hillsborough County.

This evening, I was joined by Jason Wilson and Nereia Cormier on a bike ride along the Bypass Canal from south of I-4 to State Road 60.

SWFBUD believes this unified trail network can be blended into a comprehensive bicycle infrastructure system that also includes intersecting roads with bike lanes.

The Bypass Canal Trail runs from State Road 60 all the way to New Tampa.

Most of the bikeable area along the canal is like this -- grassy.

Unfortunately, this public trail has too many points where access is discouraged. Like these two spots.

The Bypass Canal Park is one access point.

This is exactly what SWFBUD is asking for -- a paved trail along the canal. What a great ride. This section is adjacent to the Bypass Canal Trail Park. Unfortunately, not much of the right-of-way along the canal is paved. The vast majority is grass -- and in some places, knee-high grass.

This is the one road we were able to go under. Most time we go to the surface road, cross it and return to the canal right-of-way.

It's a lot of grass to bike through.

On the way to SR 60.

Barbed wire mounted across the opening in the fence -- not exactly inviting.

Jason and Nereia arrive.

The three of us at State Road 60.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bikes Belong Issues Call To Action

Federal funding for bicycling and walking is in jeopardy. We need you to send a short email today to your members of Congress.

Today, Congressman John Mica of Florida, Chairman of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, outlined his plans for the new transportation bill and called for the elimination of dedicated funding for biking and walking programs, which he suggested, “do not serve a federal purpose.”

In the Senate, James Inhofe of Oklahoma is leading a similar attack. Inhofe, a senior member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said that one of his top-three priorities for the next multi-year federal transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.”

If Representative Mica and Senator Inhofe get their way, dedicated funding for three crucial programs -- Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements, and Recreational Trails -- will be eliminated. The cost-effective federal investment in bicycling that is making our nation better will shrink dramatically. We can’t allow this to happen.

That’s why we are asking you to reach out to the two U.S. Senators and the U.S. Representative who represent you in Congress. Ask them to support ongoing, dedicated funding for biking and walking in the next transportation bill. (You can find your representatives and send your note directly from our website. Click here to review clear, basic, suggested text for your email. Feel free to customize it and/or add a personal story.)

Your simple messages will make a difference. You can help refute Representative Mica’s and Senator Inhofe’s unreasonable, counterproductive cuts. You can help assure that progress will continue in all 50 states to make bicycling safer and better for people of all ages.

At, our goal is to unify support for bicycling and celebrate all the great things that happen when people ride bikes. Occasionally, we need to stand strong together to keep bicycling on track. This is one of those times!

Thanks for your support and your quick response to this call to action.

Tim Blumenthal