Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's Build The Green Artery In Central Tampa

SWFBUD was in the house tonight at the Howard Johnson Hotel in downtown Tampa where Mayor Bob Buckhorn spoke at the monthly Green Artery meeting. The Green Artery is a central Tampa movement to connect the green spaces with bike trails, bike lanes, sharrows and the mayor talked in glowing terms about the importance of connecting neighborhoods and these green spaces.

Words are nice to hear but actions are the best, Bob. Let's make it happen. More Green Artery meetings will be held in other central Tampa neighbrohoods each month.

The meeting drew more than 100 folks -- including city council members Yolie Capin, Lisa Montelione and Mike Suarez.

My friends Myron and Lena have led the charge for the Green Artery, holding a meeting a month in a new central Tampa neighborhood. They have held about 10 with another nine or ten to go. Keep on plugging away Myron and Lena -- your efforts will pay off.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sept. 22 Tampa City Council Info Meeting on The BAM Network

SWFBUD will appear before the Tampa City Council on Sept. 22 to provide an informataion presentation on the BAM Network (Bicycle Area Mobility).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SWFBUD On The Radio About Bayshore Blvd. Bike Lanes In Tampa

SWFBUD has urged the city of Tampa to re-pave Bayshore Boulevard and stripe bike lanes for years and we welcome the city on doing the job now.

WMNF radio in Tampa did a cool report on the Bayshore project.

MPO Committee Approves Recommending Feasibility Study for Tampa Bypass Canal Trail

Thank you Jim Shirk and Nico Stearley for speaking on behalf of the BAM Network earlier this morning at the MPO Policy Committee in Hillsborough/Tampa.

SWFBUD appeared this morning before the Policy Committee to show photos of what it's like to bike on the grass along the Bypass Canal Trail. We're asking the county to pave a trail along the canal stretch and make it paret of an overall highway system for bicyclists that SWFBUD has dubbed, "the BAM Network" for Bicycle Area Mobility.

SWFBUD is alo pushing for the paving of the South Coast Greenwau and the Selmon Expressway Greenway to lead into Ybor City and downtown Tampa.

The MPO Policy Committee, chaired by County Commissioner Mark Sharpe, a good friend of bicyclists, approved recommending a feasibility study for the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail -- one of the three regional trails that comprise the BAM (Bicycle Area Mobility) Network.

Tomorrow, the MPO's Livable Roadways addresses the issue.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

SWFBUD Bicycle Bash on Nov 6 Needs Volunteers

Want to help put on the SWFBUD Bicycle Bash on Nov. 6 at Flatwoods? The Bash needs volunteers to help with parking, work with vendors to set up and offer info to guests. Contact if you want to volunteer. All volunteers get a Bicycle Bash T-shirt and a Polar Bottle.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SWFBUD Supports Fla DOT Plan For Causeway Bridge And Trail

SWFBUD strongly supports the Florida DOT building a Courtney Campbell Bridge trail, including a new bicycle-pedestrian bridge alongside the high span on the Tampa side of the causeway. Check out what it's like to bike the high bridge now -- the shoulder is a mere four feet wide. I believe construction of the causeway trail is scheduled to begin in 2012.

Why is a bicycle-pedestrian bridge on the Tampa-Clearwater causeway so vital? Because it would offer much safer access to the causeway. Here's SWFBUD supporters Nick and Ellen biking on the causeway frontage road this morning. It was a great ride and look at this incredible cycling access to the Bay.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bicycle Bash Welcomes American Traffic Solutions As A Sponsor

The Bicycle Bash festival, set for Nov 6 at Flatwoods, is happy to report that American Traffic Solutions is a sponsor.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SWFBUD Asks MPO Board To Recommend Funding The BAM Network

This morning SWFBUD appeared before the Metropolitan Planning Organization board to unveil its proposed BAM Network -- the unified multi-trail system that would cover most ofHillsborough County and Tampa. BAM stands for Bicycle Area Mobility and SWFBUD believes connecting the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail, the South Coast Greenway and the Selmon Expressway Greenway into one unified trail system would offer bicyclists a safe and efficient way to get around while also interconnecting with bus routes and surface streets with bike lanes.

Our message to the MPO board and elected officials: Ride The BAM! SWFBUD asked that the MPO board recommend funding a regional BAM Network and get the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County to partner in building the BAM.

Here's a great stat: Portland, Oregon built 360 miles of bike trails and bike lanes for the cost of a single mile of highway construction.

This man serves on several Ybor City business committees and urged the MPO board to recommend funding the Selmon Expressway Greenway as a vital link between downtown Tampa and Ybor City.

Thank you Kathy D'Onofrio of state Rep. Janet Cruz for speaking on behalf of the funding of the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail. Rep, Cruz has been a terrific supporter of bicycling in Tampa Bay.The Bypass Canal Trail would connect New Tampa to State Road 60 and be one leg of the BAM Network.

This woman asked the MPO board why the Selmon Expressway Greenway is not being funded after she told the board she was buzzed by motorists when she rode her bicycle on the road in Tampa.