Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SWFBUD Moves Bicycle Bash To Flatwoods Park

Nearly a year ago I had a chance to see the Sea Otter Classic, the country's biggest bicycle festival held in the scenic hills outside Monterey, Calif. It was incredible -- a lively vendor/exhibitor village combined with live bicycle activities of all types. The place was crawling with thousands of bicycle lovers.

I loved Sea Otter's synergy of an exhibitor village combined with multiple bicycle activities. So, when Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe reached out to me and asked what Hillsborough could do to become known as a bicycle county, I thought, let's move the Bicycle Bash to Flatwoods Park where we can combine a dynamic exhibitor village with off-road, on-road and off-site bicycle activities.

So the "2010 Bicycle Bash Classic, Presented by Cure on Wheels" was born. After three successful years of SWFBUD holding the bicycle festival in downtown St. Pete, it was time for SWFBUD to move the Bicycle Bash to a site where we can have BOTH an exhibitor village and many different types of bicycling.

The Tampa Tribune did a story on TBO today about SWFBUD shifting gears and moving the Bicycle Bash to Flatwoods.

The story also includes a video SWFBUD made of the 2009 Bicycle Bash.

So I'm happy to officially announce the 2010 Bicycle Bash Classic, Presented by Cure on Wheels will be held in Flatwoods park on Nov. 7 from 10 am to 4 pm. The Bicycle Bash will host the Cure on Wheels charity bike ride, which will raise money for local cancer research. Hillsborough County will be a co-sponsor of the Bicycle Bash.

For more information, check out the Tampa Bay Sports Commission media release about SWFBUD moving the Bicycle Bash to Flatwoods Park.

More news next week about the Bicycle Bash. Stay tuned!

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