Friday, March 19, 2010

SWFBUD Helps Get Bike Lanes On Euclid Avenue

On behalf of SWFBUD, I want to thank Tampa City Transportation Manager Jean Dorzback and Tampa Public Works Director Irv Lee for deciding to put bike lanes on a 2.2-mile stretch of Euclid Avenue in south Tampa.

Tampa always gets ranked near the bottom of U.S. cities regarding bicycle-friendliness and I commend the city's transportation staff for addressing this issue by putting in the bike lanes in a part of the city that really needs them.

SWFBUD has appeared before the Tampa City Council and other city agencies to lobby for more bike lanes during the past year and I am happy to see that our work has helped yield some positive news.

This went out this morning:

Dear Tampa Transportation Manager Jean Dorzback and Public Works Director Irv Lee,

On behalf of SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers), I want to thank you both for your work on establishing bicycle lanes on Euclid Avenue. This type of policy decision will enhance safety for bicyclists travelling through south Tampa and is consistent with a complete streets approach we are seeing across the country; that is, cities making their roads hospitable for all users -- motorized vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

I realize there might be complaints regarding lost parking, so I appreciate your decision all the more. Thank you for thinking of bicyclists as part of your transportation planning and resurfacing project on Euclid Avenue. It's a positive step toward making the city of Tampa a more bicycle-friendly city.


Alan Snel
Director of SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers)
9 Tampa Bay area bicycle store retailers and 2 lawyers committed to growing bicycling in the Tampa Bay area

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