Friday, May 11, 2012

SWFBUD Store Unveils Poster To Save FTB

SWFBUD store Velo Champ of Seminole Heights has created a call-for-action poster to help save the cherished Friendship TrailBridge. Velo Champ's Jordan Miller has posted the poster at his store to stir people to get involved in backing a new plan to restore the FTB and form a public-private partnership with Hillsborough County to create a new chapter in the life of this 2.6-mile bridge that connects Tampa and St. Pete.

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Eplanellas said...

Thank you for all that you do for bicyclists. The public needs to be aware of safe traveling. I feel that you actions should spread across all Florida. Recently, my husband and I started a bicycle trip across Florida, which you can read about at and some of the highway traffic we have encountered seems a little unaware of bicycle safety precautions. We stick to the bike lanes and the shoulder of the road as we are supposed to and thankfully, everything has gone fine for us. I hope that it will continue to be that way and that Florida drivers will be more considerate of bikes.