Monday, April 14, 2008

SWFBUD Takes Action For Bicyclists

SWFBUD plays several roles, including pressuring developers or public agencies to correct situations that are dangerous for bicyclists.

Case example last June: Tampa bike commuter Picot Floyd was cycling to work on Fletcher Avenue near Telecom Drive when he realized that the developer built a concrete traffic control island that extended into the Fletcher Avenue bike lane, forcing bicyclists into the lane of traffic going 60 mph.

Picot contacted me. And I contacted Hillsborough County public works regarding this concrete island blocking the bike lane.

And I also spoke with the developer, who ultimately removed the concrete island from the bike lane inresponse to SWFBUD's quick action.

SWFBUD's activism caught the attention of Bay News 9, which did an excellent news report on SWFBUD and our group's role in getting the concrete island removed from the bike lane.

The Bay News 9 Report

Chuck Johnson of Bay News 9 did a terrific job explaining SWFBUD and pointing out our group's role in pressuring the developer to remove a concrete traffic island from a bike lane on Fletcher Avenue near Telecom Drive.

David Luppino, a store owner, was interviewed by Bay News 9 about SWFBUD.

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