Monday, April 14, 2008

SWFBUD Has Its Own Blog!

Welcome to the SWFBUD blog!

My name is Alan Snel and I'll keep you updated about SWFBUD -- a play on words on that local Tampa area water agency called SWIFTMUD.

What is SWFBUD, you ask? It's an alliance of seven bike shops in the Tampa Bay area that cares deeply about bicycle advocacy, bicyclists' rights and promoting bicycling in our market as a healthy lifestyle and an effective mode of transportation.

I serve as director SWFBUD and I get around. I represent SWFBUD at events, write letters to local govcernment agencies advising them to make their communities bicycle-friendly and organize one of the biggest bicycle events every year called the Bicycle Bash by the Bay.

Last year, participants estimated that there were 2,500 to 3,000 people who attended last year's Bicycle Bash by the Bay at the waterfront Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg.

This year's Bicycle Bash by the Bay will be very special.

SWFBUD is teaming up with John Sinibaldi and the St. Pete Bike Club to also hold the Share the Road Ride the morning of the Bicycle Bash by the Bay.

It's tentatively scheduled for October 19 this year and I will be working with the city of St. Petersburg to finalize event plans.

In addition, the Florida Bicycle Association will be holding its annual Pro Bike, Pro Walk Conference in St. Petersburg from Oct. 20-23, so we expect statewide visitors at this year's Bicycle Bash by the Bay.

If you are interested in being a vendor at this year's Bicycle Bash by the Bay, email me at

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Bike Jax said...

Alan, congrats on the good you have done in the Tampa area.

I don't know of any area outside of you where the bike shops owners seem to get it. You are in a very unique position and I salute you.

I wish I could the shops here in Jacksonville to understand what they could do if they started working together.

Congrats again.