Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never Alone On A Bicycle

Never alone on a bicycle.

If there are no other bicyclists with me when I ride my bicycle, I am never alone. I ride a route to Flatwoods Park outside Tampa that includes people who live along the circuit who I see every day.
They are part of my ride just like the person pedaling with me.

There's the guy at the furniture retoration shop on 40th Street who yells out "Hi-yo silver!" when I pass.

There are the waves and smiles of the lawn care guys edging the sidewalk on McKinley outside Busch Gardens.

And there's the friendly toot of the horn by The Grizz -- a county Flatwoods park worker -- when he he sees me pedaling Morris Bridge Road.

Making connections along the bicycle ride. It's one reason why I ride a bicycle and leave the car in the garage.

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