Thursday, April 5, 2012

SWFBUD Supports Commissioner Sharpe Leading The Way To Fund $3,000 For Lights And Safety Vests

SWFBUD is happy to report that the Hillsborough County Commissioners -- led by Commissioner Mark Sharpe, the bicyclist ally on the commission -- approved spending $3,000 for bike lights and vests for the Guys on Bikes seen biking at night without lights and vests. SWFBUD worked with Commissioner Sharpe to initiate the Bicycle Safety Action Plan in October 2010, though there was never any funding.

The lights will be given to Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies and Tampa police to give to the bicyclists who are pedaling around without reflective safety vests and lights.

Thank you Mitch Perry of Creative Loafing who wrote about the county commission action and is a great reporter when it comes to covering the bicycle issue in Tampa bay.

For more bicyclist news, check out this wrap-up.

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