Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State Legislative Roundup of Bicycle Laws In Tallahassee

Mike Lasche offers a roundup of the bicycle and pedestrian scene in Tallahassee. The gist of the news is that the Florida Legislature just passed laws which:

1) Might raise money for trails by selling naming/sponsorship rights for trails.
2) Repeal the requirement for cyclists to keep at least one hand on the handlebars.
3) No longer restrict the cyclist to a bike lane even when it is dangerous.
4) Allow cyclists to install lights instead of paying fines for not having them.
5) Allow cyclists to use flashing lights at night.
6) Require bicycle helmets to meet the federal standard.
7) Require vehicle drivers to stop when a mobility-impaired pedestrian is in a crosswalk.

Also, motorized wheelchair users are allowed to leave the sidewalk and use the road when no other alternative route exists.

Mike said we feel that the bicycle/pedestrian news from Florida is especially important because, since 2001, Florida has either been #1 or in the top 3 among American states, in both bicycle and pedestrian fatalities per capita. Since no other state comes close to this tragic record, Florida is acknowledged as the worst state in the nation for bike/ped safety.

Thus, these legislative efforts are particularly important.

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