Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MPO Committee Approves Recommending Feasibility Study for Tampa Bypass Canal Trail

Thank you Jim Shirk and Nico Stearley for speaking on behalf of the BAM Network earlier this morning at the MPO Policy Committee in Hillsborough/Tampa.

SWFBUD appeared this morning before the Policy Committee to show photos of what it's like to bike on the grass along the Bypass Canal Trail. We're asking the county to pave a trail along the canal stretch and make it paret of an overall highway system for bicyclists that SWFBUD has dubbed, "the BAM Network" for Bicycle Area Mobility.

SWFBUD is alo pushing for the paving of the South Coast Greenwau and the Selmon Expressway Greenway to lead into Ybor City and downtown Tampa.

The MPO Policy Committee, chaired by County Commissioner Mark Sharpe, a good friend of bicyclists, approved recommending a feasibility study for the Tampa Bypass Canal Trail -- one of the three regional trails that comprise the BAM (Bicycle Area Mobility) Network.

Tomorrow, the MPO's Livable Roadways addresses the issue.

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