Sunday, June 12, 2011

Early-Morning Biking In Tampa

I bike very early on summer weekend mornings to check out Tampa. There are few cars and no one is rushing around and it's not too hot.

I like Cypress Avenue because it's a decent east-west road that goes from central Tampa west all the way to the U-Path and the Rocky Point/Clearwater causeway area.

Here's Cypress west of Dale Mabry Highway and it looks like it has been re-paved, so I'm wondering why there are no bike lanes or at least sharrows.

RIP Tom McEwen -- the Tampa Tribune's former sports editor.

The U-Path trail connects Cypress with the Rocky Point area at State Roads 60 and the Clearwater causeway. The U-Path is very close to Tampa International Airport.

I found this paved trail behind Blake High School along the Hillsborough River and I'm wondering why is this gate locked?

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