Thursday, March 24, 2011

SWFBUD Attends Florida Bike Summit In Tally Today

SWFBUD was a proud participant in today's Florida Bike Summit in Tallahassee and is proud to call state Rep. Janet Cruz of Tampa a friend of bicyclists for her support of bicycling and for supporting a bicycle safety bill.

Rep. Cruz lost a friend, bicyclist Diane Vega, who was killed on her bike-commute home last Oct. 1 at Himes and Spruce in Tampa.

SWFBUD also talked with state Rep. Betty Reed of Tampa and hopes a representative from Rep. Reed's office attends the Hub Grub Bicycle Ride of Seminole Heights on Aug. 2. The ride starts and ends at Ella's restaurant at 5119 N. Nebraska Ave. in Tampa.

SWFBUD also met representatives of state Senators Jotner and Norman today as well.

SWFBUD supports legislations that would ban texting while driving and also a vulnerable users law that would increase the criminal penalties for motorists who kill and injure vulneranle road users such as bicyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users.

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