Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SWFBUD's Top 10 Reasons To Ride A Bicycle

The Tampa City Council is having a workshop on bicycling in response to the bicyclist deaths in Tampa and the Bay area. It's 9 am at the council chambers at city hall on Kennedy Ave in downtown Tampa.

I hope you can attend to advise the council members to devote more attention, resources and awareness campaigns to bicycling. Also, feel free to offer any of the points I have included in my SWFBUD Top 10 Reasons To Ride A Bicycle In Tampa. Or email them:

Thomas Scott
Mary Mulhern
Charlie Miranda
Joe Caetano
Curtis Stokes
Gwen Miller
Yvonne Yolie Capin


1. Bicycles are vehicles. People who ride bicycles have an equal right to the public roadway.

2. Bicycles are economic development. Bicyclists pedal to local businesses to buy stuff and eat meals. Bicycle stores also contribute thousands of dollars in sales tax and other taxes to government.

3. Bicycles are tourism. The number one question from tourists visiting Florida's tourism web site is where can they safely ride a bicycle.

4. Bicycles are community. Bicycle rides link neigborhoods, parks and rivers. Bicycles make connections.

5. Bicycles are healthy. Riding a bike will sharpen your senses and keep you fit.

6. Bicycles are transportation. Bicyclists often arrive at work in cities father than motorists. It's cheaper, too.

7. Bicycles are free parking. Just show up where you need to go and lock up your bicycle -- or take your bike inside, if possible. No need to build parking garages and take up street space.

8. Bicycle infrastructure is cheaper. Shared road markings, bike lanes, paved trails etc. are pennies on the dollar compared to roads built for motorists.

9. Bicycles are transit network. Ride you bike to a bus and take the bus. In cities with light rail, trains and subways, you can use you bicycle as a link in the transit network.

10. Bicycles make cities flourish and are part of an overall quality of life that attracts businesses, high-paying jobs and professionals.

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