Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back To The Future With The Bypass Canal Trail

The Bypass Canal Trail has been on the Hillsborough County trails master plan for a good decade now. It's a fabulous trail idea -- a path along the Bypass Canal from Morris Bridge Road southward toward I-4 and then west toward downtown Tampa.

It's a trail concept shown on maps as unfunded.

But SWFBUD believes it's a trail idea worth pursuing. So, I presented the Back to the Future Bypass Canal Trail to a joint county-city trails committee, which appeared to like the idea.

Here's a map of the trail, which would run from Morris Bridge Road along the canal land right-of-way, which is owned by SWFMD -- the water district. It's been part of the county's trails plan -- but it has never been funded.

SWFBUD is going to lobby for this trail to be built, even if it's just a mountain bike trail at first.

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