Friday, August 6, 2010

SWFBUD's Message For Tampa: Action Now, Not More Studies

The city of Tampa will do a bicycle/ped safety study. Seems like the MPO has lots of bicyclist/ped studies collecting dust.

Here's a few SWFBUD recommendations for the city of Tampa:

-- Deem bike lanes as essential parts of your transportation plan.

-- Install signs advising motorists to watch for cyclists and peds at all exit ramps in downtown and at major ramp/road sites.

-- Stripe bike lanes -- or at least sharrows -- as part of ALL re-paving projects.

-- Stripe bike lanes on major one-way, three-lane roads such as Platt and Armenia.

-- Re-surface Bayshore Blvd and stripe bike lanes in both directions from the Platt Street Bridge to Gandy Blvd.

-- Create a PSA and sign program to educate motorists to look for bicyclists and peds.

-- Stop studying and start doing.

Email Pam Iorio at and tell the mayor that if she can spend tens of millions of dollars on a new art museum and a downtown park she can find money to protect the lives of bicyclists. Advise Iorio that she was wrong to kill bike lanes on Euclid Avenue so that motorists can park their cars for book club meetings.

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