Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Call Gov. Crist at 850- 488-7146 and Tell Him To Veto HB 971

SWFBUD says, call the governor and urge Gov. Crist to veto HB 971!

Join Florida cyclists and urge Governor Crist to veto HB 971, which requires cyclists to use bike lanes and allowing golf carts on shared use paths.

HB 971 amends Florida code Section 316.1995 to mandate that cyclists use dedicated bike lanes when present. We support the development and use of bike lanes but oppose mandatory-use laws. Cyclists must be able to determine where it is safest for them to ride in the street. There are exceptions in the current law that allow cyclists to leave the lane - but in practice law enforcement and the driving public is frequently unaware of these exceptions and may incorrectly "advise" cyclists to ride where it isn't safe or appropriate.

Further, the bill amends section 316.008 to allow local jurisdictions to permit golf carts and other motorized vehicles to use sidewalks and shared use paths that now are for the exclusive use of non-motorized transportation. This provision does not require these vehicles to yield to pedestrians or others traveling by non-motorized means, and has the potential to add congestion and conflict on Florida's well-used trail network.

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