Friday, February 12, 2010

SWFBUD Contacts Pasco County About Bicyclist Citations

SWFBUD sent this letter to Pasco County Sheriff's Office today.

* * *

Dear Pasco Sheriff's Office,

It has come to the attention of SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers), an alliance of Tampa Bay area bicycle stores committed to growing bicycling in the Tampa Bay region, that Pasco sheriff's deputies are giving citations to bicyclists who ride on the roads of Pasco County.

Bicycles are vehicles under the law, so SWFBUD encourages all bicyclists to comply with all traffic laws.

As you know, under law, cyclists not traveling as fast as the normal speed of traffic must ride as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the road. But I need to bring to your attention that there are circumstances under law that allow a bicyclist to be in the middle of the lane:

1. When passing another vehicle.

2. When making a left turn.

3. When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions such as a moving object, a parked or moving vehicle, pedestrian, animal or surface hazard.

4. When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle and another vehicle to travel safely side by side (a cyclist should maintain at least two feet of clearance from a curb or pavement edge and the minimum clearance for passing a bicylclist is three feet; a lane with less than 14 feet of usable width is usually too narrow for motor traffic to pass.)

I realize some Pasco County residents feel inconvenienced when they are behind a bicyclist in a traffic lane. But there are legal reasons why a bicyclist might be in the lane, such as debris along the edge of the road or a lane that is "sub-standard" in width.

I do need to request that if your deputies are handing out citations to bicyclists in Pasco County, then I do hope they are also citing motorized vehicle drivers who violate the law by "buzzing" bicyclists by not passing them with a clearance of a required minimum of THREE feet.

Thank you,
Alan Snel
Director of SWFBUD

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das1977 said...

the pasco sheriffs r harrasing bicyclers they r saying we have to ride in the grass.I had two friends get pulled over by pasco finest they said that they could not ride on the road ways.I believe i might call their office up and complain. To me to be a form of harrastment.