Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SWFBUD Asks Hillsborough County Commissioners To Keep Flatwoods Open 7 Days A Week

At a time when bicycling is growing in popularity in Hillsborough County, a budget proposal to cut back on park access at Flatwoods county park and nine other county parks is a regrettable idea and opposed by SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers).

Flatwoods, especially, is a special natural resource used by thousands of county residents, including bicyclists of all types, runners, paddlers, hikers, bird watchers, roller-bladers, walkers and many families. To close Flatwoods and not make it open two out of seven days a week is bad business; that is, the county is not using an invaluable resource effectively as possible.

Flatwoods county park is not owned by Hillsborough County, so it's unclear how the county would keep people from using the vast land during the two days that it would "close" the park.

What makes Flatwoods so valuable for bicyclists is that the majority of roads in Hillsborough County are perceived by everyday bicyclists as unsafe to ride, so Flatwoods is an essential safe haven for anyone wanting to ride a bicycle in a safe environment.

SWFBUD is asking the county commissioners to instruct county budget staff to re-shape the county budget and fund the necessary money to keep Flatwoods open seven days a week as it is right now.

SWFBUD has attached a few photos to show you the natural beauty of Flatwoods, which is a gem for county residents.

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