Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bicycle Lovers Share Their Favorite Photos From SWFBUD's Bicycle Bash by the Bay

I didn't get around the Bicycle Bash by the Bay festival as much as I had hoped on Sunday, so it was only after looking at photographs taken by other folks did I realize how truly diverse the bicyclists were who attended the BBbtB.

It's one of the things I'm proud about, regarding the Bicycle Bash by the Bay. That it's a true cross-section of roadies, mountain bikers, cruisers, fixed-gears, recumbents, trikes and even tall bikes with ages ranging from 1-90.

SWFBUD is proud to hold the Bicycle Bash by the Bay every year. And besides the photos I took that are available on the previous post, I wanted to share with you highlights of other photo displays taken by other folks.

Bridget took a boatload of photos, and I tried the best I could to pick the best of the best of her photos when I posted them on my Bicycle Stories blog. Here was my favorite of Bridget's photos.

Then, there's Jack Sweeney, the famed Ghost Rider, who posted a terrific series of photos on his bikecommuters.com Web site.

And Ken Sturrock, another Seminole Heights Bicycle Club member and a member of the Hillsborough Bicycle-Ped Advisory Committee, sent me his photos, including some great environmental shots of the Bicycle Bash setting in downtown St. Petersburg.

One of Ken's nice shots.

If you have Bicycle Bash by the Bay photographs you'd like to share, send them to me.

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